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Pay Attention to These 6 Important Email Engagement Metrics

Email engagement is critical to the success of your B2C email marketing[1] efforts. This article will share tips for increasing engagement in key areas along with the six email engagement metrics to track your progress. The Email Engagement Metrics That … Read More

ecommerce email templates

5 Essential eCommerce Email Templates to Drive More Sales

B2C email marketing generates an average ROI of 42:1. There’s a lot of room for creativity, but there are five essential emails that marketers should include in every eCommerce email marketing strategy. We’ll share them here along with some eCommerce … Read More

How to Develop a B2C Email Marketing Strategy

Successful B2C email marketing requires planning. This article will cover the necessary components of an effective email marketing plan. We’ll discuss the following elements of a good B2C email marketing strategy: Why Do You Need a B2C Email Marketing Strategy? … Read More

5 Higher Education Marketing Strategies To Increase Enrollment

Until about 25 years ago, higher education marketing strategies were shaped by developments in other industries. Universities, colleges, and other educational organizations provide a service, so service marketing principles are relevant. As the target of an enrollment marketing campaign, a … Read More

The Best Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for 2023

Need more real estate leads? Who doesn’t?! You can never have too many quality lead sources. That’s why we put together a list of the best real estate lead generation ideas. You can use these real estate agent tools separately … Read More

How to Get Real Estate Leads—the Easy Way!

Realtors and real estate agencies need to keep a healthy flow of fresh leads coming in at all times, of both potential buyers and sellers. That’s why it’s critical to understand how to get real estate leads. Because let’s face … Read More

ecommerce email marketing

How to Increase Revenues with eCommerce Email Marketing

Ecommerce email marketing is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to market your store. But, unfortunately, many marketers struggle to use this powerful marketing channel to its full potential. We don’t want you to be one of those … Read More

Hotel Email Marketing

How to Increase Bookings with Email Marketing for Hotels

The hotel industry was hit hard by the pandemic, and hoteliers turned to new strategies and market segments to stay afloat. Now, as the industry begins to recover, it is critical to adjust your hotel email marketing approach to get … Read More

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How to Increase Sales Quickly With Email Retargeting

Did you know that 77% of customers prefer email over other methods of marketing? That’s probably why shoppers targeted with email marketing campaigns spend 138% more than people engaged through other marketing methods. But if that’s still not good enough … Read More

B2C Email Marketing Tips

Four B2C Email Marketing Tips

If your email campaigns are falling flat, don’t worry. We’ve all been there! That’s why we created this list of four B2C email marketing tips to help you increase the metrics that matter. 1.   Segment Your List According to the … Read More