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Find Out Exactly Which Consumers Are Visiting Your Website

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Take your retargeting game to the next level with LeadPost. Our B2C lead generation tool matches up to 40% of your website’s anonymous traffic with names, emails, and mailing addresses. 

By default, you’ll always receive the following B2C data for matched visitors:

  • name
  • personal email address and/or home mailing address (depending on the data available)

You can also choose to receive only leads that include:

  • an email address
  • a mailing address
  • both email and mailing address

Make Third-Party Data First-Party Data

When you run retargeting campaigns with ad networks such as Facebook or Google, they own the data. But with LeadPost, the data is yours.

And with LeadPost’s premium field appends you can access even more data than ever before.

Our premium field appends include demographic information about your audience such as:

  • automotive data
  • household income
  • age range
  • education level
  • gender
  • homeowner status
  • length of residence
  • net worth range
  • marital status
  • presence of children

Our data will help you better understand your target market. That way, you can create more personalized campaigns, and drive higher engagement rates.

Collect Valuable Demographic Data

Fully Integrated Retargeting Platform

Say goodbye to relying on paid social and display ads to retarget your audience. With LeadPost, you can now retarget users via email, paid social, display, and direct mail. 

With LeadPost’s retargeting platform, you can execute multichannel, multitouch retargeting campaigns with ease. You can also track your campaigns’ performance from your reporting dashboard. That will enable you to optimize your campaigns in real-time.

That means you can create cohesive, omnichannel marketing campaigns all in one place.

In addition to contact details and firmographic data, LeadPost provides powerful website tracking.

  • Lead Delivery Date
  • Last Visit
  • Page Views
  • First Visit
  • Seconds on Site
  • Landing Page
  • Exit Page
  • Pages Visited

Website Tracking


  • Uncover up to 40% of anonymous B2C website traffic with detailed visitor information.
  • Pinpoint the actual individuals visiting your site.
  • Execute multichannel retargeting campaigns across email, paid social, display, and direct mail.
  • Track performance with an easy-to-use dashboard for campaign management and performance tracking.
  • Seamlessly integrate your data with your existing CRM and other tools.
  • Split test creatives across all channels.

Boost Your B2C Marketing ROI

If you’re looking for a powerful B2C lead generation tool that will increase your revenue, look no further. 

Try LeadPost today and supercharge your retargeting campaigns!

Requires at Least 1,000 Unique Monthly Visitors

How It Works

Place Pixel

Place the LeadPost pixel on your web site

Identify & Capture

LeadPost data collection software leverages a network of match providers to convert your anonymous bounces into actionable leads

Push Leads

Set up automated feeds to your marketing platform or CRM to nurture your leads

The Most Robust B2C Lead Gen Tool on the Market

Data Appends

Exact Visitor Data

Get the contact information of the people who actually visit your website

Budget Controls


Integrated budget controls allow you complete control over spend

Real Time Reporting


Real time reporting allows you to monitor and control the data collection software

One-Click Integrations


One-click integrations to easily push leads to your marketing platform or CRM

Suppression List


Integrated suppression list support ensures you are only capturing new potential customers

Advanced Filtering


Advanced filtering controls allow you to capture only the leads you want

One-Click Integrations

Manual Download

Automated FTP

Custom Webhook




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