Turn Your Website Visitors Into Donor Leads

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Improve donor acquisition with website visitor identification through LeadPost. Turn website visitors into donor leads – even if they don’t submit a form!

To qualify for nonprofit pricing, you must have a valid 501(c)(3) status and receive at least 1,000 unique visits a month. Once approved, you will gain access to the full suite of LeadPost’s features at a 25% discount.

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Are Potential Donors Bouncing without Converting?

If your site has traffic that bounces and visitors that don’t convert into donors, you can increase the ROI of your marketing efforts by following up with email, social media, display, and direct mail. With LeadPost, you can trigger those follow-ups even when visitors don’t fill out a form on your website.

Average Bounce Rate
Average Bounce Rate by Marketing Channel
Manage Your Bounce Strategy

Unfortunately, the more expensive the marketing channel, the higher the bounce rate. But you can maximize the ROI of every channel with a good bounce strategy. Do you have a strategy to drive value from those visitors?

Convert Bounced Traffic into Donors with LeadPost

With LeadPost’s website visitor identification software, you can convert up to 40 percent of your traffic into donor leads.

Average Bounce Rate by Industry
Generate Leads Automatically
Increase Conversions with Multichannel Retargeting

LeadPost’s integrated retargeting platform enables your organization to manage retargeting campaigns across email, social media, display, and direct mail. That way you can connect with your bounced visitors across multiple touchpoints.

Get the Data You Need to Make an Impact

Use LeadPost to enrich your existing donor data with demographic information on your website visitors and donors. Premium fields include marital status, presence of children, automotive data, and more.

LeadPost vs. Leadfeeder
Get More ROI From SEO
Improve the ROI of Your Campaigns

Generate better results by increasing the reach of your campaigns with LeadPost.

What Our Customers Say

“This technology combined with a compelling offer significantly boosted our overall conversion rate as compared to past campaigns without LeadPost.”

Jason. C, General Manager
Health, Wellness, and Fitness Company

“I love that this software allows even small businesses with low marketing budgets to enjoy the benefits of remarketing to site visitors who do not convert on the first visit.”

Amanda T., CEO
Marketing and Advertising Company

“What’s amazing is the ability to accurately provide leads that visit your website without no friction.”

David J., CEO
E-Learning Company