How to Generate More Leads with ClickFunnels

If you’re one of the 300,000 ClickFunnels users out there, chances are you’re happy with the software (it has 4.7 stars on G2, after all). But you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to improve your results.

After all, ClickFunnels is all about “funnel hacking” and increasing revenue as much as possible.

The obvious answers are to send paid traffic to your funnels and work on improving your conversion rates. But there’s a less obvious tactic – website visitor identification – that you can use to gain an edge of your competition and generate more leads.

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Paid Traffic

Here are the four primary paid traffic channels. Other channels (e.g., Snapchat and TikTok) can be effective for certain niches, but these are the options that will work the best for most people:

  1. Google. If people are already searching for your product or service, Google Ads are a great way to get in front of them when they’re ready to make a purchase.
  2. Bing. Bing Ads won’t have as much volume as Google Ads, but if you see success on Google, chances are you’ll be able to generate profitable traffic through Bing as well – especially if your target audience is middle aged or older.
  3. Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram have huge audiences with robust targeting capabilities. You’ll reach more people who aren’t at the bottom of the funnel, but you can use retargeting ads to stay on their radar until they’re ready to buy.
  4. LinkedIn. LinkedIn Ads tend to be more expensive, but they can be profitable for high priced, business-related products and services.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Once you’re sending at least 1,000 unique visitors through your funnel, you can begin to test different elements of the funnel to improve your results. 

ClickFunnels makes it easy to set up split testing. This video explains the basics:

You can test headlines, subheadlines, copy, calls to action, offers, and more.

Website Visitor Identification

Of course, no matter how much you test, some people will bounce without converting. That’s frustrating under any circumstances, but it’s especially troublesome when you’re sending paid traffic to your site.

Every visitor you don’t convert is another dollar (or more) down the drain. Fortunately, there’s a way to convert up to 40 percent of your traffic into leads – even if they don’t fill out a form on your landing page.

It’s called visitor identification. All you have to do is sign up for a visitor identification tool (e.g., LeadPost). Then you add the tracking pixel to your site and you’ll begin to collect the first names, last names, email addresses, and mailing addresses of up to 40 percent of your anonymous website traffic.

Here’s how you add a tracking pixel to ClickFunnels:

And here’s where you can try LeadPost for free: LeadPost Free Trial.

Turn More Visitors Into Customers
Turn Anonymous Website Visitors into Customers Free for 14-Days​
Turn Anonymous Website Visitors into Customers Free for 14-Days
  • Install one line of code to generate leads from your existing traffic.
  • Generate leads from your website traffic.
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