Virginia Car Dealer Achieves $34 CPA using Direct Mail Retargeting from LeadPost


A Virginia auto dealership partnered with LeadPost to drive more in-store visitors. They were eager to try new strategies to retarget shoppers who viewed their vehicles online. The company allocated a small budget to incentivize online shoppers with relevant offers – right in their physical mailboxes.


When anonymous online shoppers looked at vehicles on the dealership’s website, LeadPost was able to identify approximately 30% of these visitors. LeadPost automatically triggered a direct mail piece to interested shoppers with an offer for the exact car they were browsing.


During a 30-day test campaign, LeadPost retargeted 262 anonymous online vehicle shoppers with 4×6 postcards.


The campaign yielded 7 car sales, 4 of which exactly matched the vehicle in the postcard creative.

And the dealership was able to achieve these results with minimal advertising. The campaign achieved a CPA of just $34 per vehicle sold.

How to Implement This Approach

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