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Why Positioning Important and How to Get It Right

Positioning is one of the most critical (and overlooked) aspects of marketing strategy. We talked to Mark Evans of Marketing Spark to get his advice for brands looking to improve their positioning. You can listen to the full interview on … Read More

marketing qualified leads (MQLs)

MQLs and Two Alternatives: What’s the Best Approach for Your Business?

Lead qualification is a critical component of lead generation. It ensures your sales and marketing efficiency. The first step is usually to identify marketing qualified leads (MQLs). But some say this is an outdated method. There are other strategies to … Read More

drip marketing

How to Unleash the Power of Drip Marketing Across Multiple Channels

Are you generating leads only to immediately fall off their radar? You can fix that with drip marketing. It’s a communication strategy that delivers a set of pre-written messages over time. These messages can be in various formats, including: This … Read More

lead nurturing

5 Steps for More Successful Lead Nurturing

We live in a fast-paced, information-saturated marketplace. Lead generation is just the first step in a lengthy customer journey. The real challenge lies in converting these leads into loyal, paying customers. Lead nurturing plays a crucial role in that process. … Read More

sales lead

Do You Need to Know What a Sales Lead Is Right Now?

If you’re new to the industry, you might not know what people mean when they say something about “sales leads.” You probably don’t want to go up to your boss and say, “Hey, boss… what’s a sales lead?” That’s probably … Read More

revenue vs. profit

Revenue vs. Profit: The Difference (And Why it Matters)

A baseline of financial literacy is essential for anyone in sales and marketing. Comprehending basic accounting terms and their implications on business is a foundational component. Two critical terms are revenue and profit. This article will cover each term and … Read More

sales process

Three Ways to Understand and Improve Your Sales Process

Your sales process is one of the key drivers of success for a business. So if you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for, now might be a good time to reassess your process. In this post, we will take … Read More

lifecycle marketing

What is Lifecycle Marketing? Here’s What an Expert Had to Say

Marketing personalization is a critical element for driving business growth. A McKinsey study found that personalization leads to 5 to 15% increases in revenue. And businesses that get it right see 10 to 30% increases in marketing-spend efficiency. But only … Read More

social media authenticity

How to Be Authentic to Connect with Your Audience through Social Media

As social media platforms evolve, businesses must adapt to engage with their audiences. Amid these changes, one constant remains powerful: authenticity. Social media manager and content strategist Sharon Chidra Jonah of Buzz Social is a big believer in authenticity. We … Read More

present tense persuasive writing

Will This Simple Copywriting Trick Make Your Marketing More Effective?

Ever wondered if changing a single word in your marketing copy could boost its persuasiveness? A new study suggests that it might. Communication, the unsung hero behind successful marketing campaigns, holds the key. Marketers communicate to consumers through ad campaigns, … Read More