website visitor identification personalization

How to Personalize Your Marketing Campaigns with Visitor Identification

Website visitor identification software enables businesses to turn anonymous website visitors into leads. It’s a powerful tool, and many users aren’t taking full advantage of it. One of its biggest benefits is that it facilitates better marketing personalization. Here’s how … Read More

lifecycle marketing

What is Lifecycle Marketing? Here’s What an Expert Had to Say

Marketing personalization is a critical element for driving business growth. A McKinsey study found that personalization leads to 5 to 15% increases in revenue. And businesses that get it right see 10 to 30% increases in marketing-spend efficiency. But only … Read More

email personalization

How to Unlock the Power of Personalization in Your Email Marketing

Email personalization is on the rise. And not just because it works, but also because customers expect it. As we covered in our article on eCommerce personalization, research shows that a large number of consumers are willing to switch brands … Read More

personalization statistics

29 Nifty Graphs That Show the Latest Marketing Personalization Statistics

Personalization has become an essential part of modern-day marketing and advertising. The data and technology are now available to allow companies to create highly personalized and relevant experiences for their customers.  However, the collection and use of data also raise … Read More