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b2b storytelling

How to Get More Responses to Cold Outreach Through the Power of Story

We all have times when we need to reach someone. That’s true whether you’re an entrepreneur, salesperson, author, or job seeker. Of course, reaching them is only half the battle. We measure the success of our outreach efforts by the … Read More

b2b cold email

How to Increase B2B Sales with Cold Email

When done right, cold email campaigns are a great way to establish new business relationships. But doing it right isn’t easy. That’s why we brought in an expert to walk us through the fundamentals of successful B2B cold email campaigns. … Read More

email personalization

How to Unlock the Power of Personalization in Your Email Marketing

Email personalization is on the rise. And not just because it works, but also because customers expect it. As we covered in our article on eCommerce personalization, research shows that a large number of consumers are willing to switch brands … Read More

cold email template

A Cold Email Template to Increase Engagement and Drive New Business

Cold emailing is an effective way to reach out and make connections with potential customers or partners. But with the ever-growing amount of emails in people’s inboxes, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. That’s where cold email templates come … Read More

Email List Building

Try Three Affordable New Ways to Grow Your Email List

A good email list can generate a huge return on investment for your business. Research shows that an email address can be worth up to $70, but collecting those email addresses can be a challenge. There are plenty of email … Read More

How to Start a Successful Online Boutique in 2022

If you want to start an eCommerce business this year, one of your best bets is an online boutique. Like any business, it will take resources, but it’s one of the most promising options available. This guide will walk you … Read More

How to Master the Magic of Mailchimp for eCommerce

Mailchimp has always been a good choice for eCommerce email marketing. Now it’s also a viable alternative to more expensive eCommerce platforms. This article will explain why that is and cover how you can use Mailchimp for eCommerce. Mailchimp’s eCommerce … Read More

How to Easily Sell More Jewelry with Email Marketing

If you’re selling jewelry online, eCommerce email marketing is a must. This article will cover how to increase sales with jewelry email marketing and essential eCommerce marketing best practices. Why Email Marketing is Critical An effective B2c email marketing strategy … Read More

7 Affordable Email Marketing Ideas to Boost Your B2C Business

Are you looking for ways to take your B2C email marketing strategy to the next level? We’ve got you covered! This article covers seven email marketing ideas to help you improve your email engagement and email acquisition approach. Why Email … Read More

Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Marketing a Newsletter

Thanks to the success of newsletters like the Hustle and theSkimm, newsletters are on the rise. Most marketers are adding newsletters to their B2C email marketing strategy because they establish a link between the brand and consumers that doesn’t rely … Read More