How Will Leather Goods Generates Better eCommerce Leads with LeadPost

How Will Leather Goods Generates Better eCommerce Leads

Will Leather Goods

As the Marketing Director at Will Leather Goods, Lawrence McCormick plays a pivotal role in steering the company’s e-commerce and marketing strategies. With a robust background in digital marketing, including a successful tenure at William Henry where he first utilized LeadPost, Lawrence brought his expertise to Will Leather Goods, aiming to revitalize their digital presence post-COVID.

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Upon joining Will Leather Goods, Lawrence identified critical areas for improvement, particularly in rebuilding the brand’s digital advertising strategies and enhancing its online presence. A significant challenge was expanding the customer database, which had stagnated at around 42,000 engaged customers.


Before working at Will Leather Goods, Lawrence was the Vice President of Marketing at William Henry. That’s where he used LeadPost for the first time.

“I’d already had two full years of experience with LeadPost, and it really helped boost our database there,” Lawrence said. “When I started using LeadPost at William Henry around 2020, our engaged audience in Klaviyo was roughly 24,000 to 26,000 customers. By the time I left, that number had gone up to almost 90,000.”

His team set up a campaign for leads generated by LeadPost. “We put the list in a specific group so we can actually measure in the funnel how many of the new sales that we’re making are directly or partially attributed to LeadPost.”

“In particular, I was pleasantly surprised at the relatively low opt-out rate that we got from our LeadPost leads.”


The implementation of LeadPost significantly expanded Will Leather Goods’ customer database, adding thousands of new, engaged leads. The low opt-out rate and high engagement levels of these leads contributed significantly to their overall marketing strategy.

“I’d say over 95% of the leads that we acquired actually stayed in our database for at least enough time to evaluate the content that they were receiving and deciding whether or not they wanted to stay,” Lawrence said. “We were pleasantly surprised. We kind of pushed the boundaries when we started implementing LeadPost.”

How to Implement This Approach

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