White Label Software: 7 Solutions to Increase Revenue

white label software revenue

If you’re a consultant or run an agency, you’ll eventually reach the point where your current team isn’t large enough to handle additional clients. At that point, you can hire new employees to continue growing. But if you’d rather add a new revenue stream without increasing overhead costs, white label software might be the answer.

What is White Label Software?

White label software is software another company creates and maintains while allowing third parties to skin it with their own brands for resale. As an example, here’s what that would look like if you used LeadPost to offer white label lead generation:

white label lead generation software

The Benefits of White Label Software

White label software offers consultants and agencies a lot of benefits. The five most important ones are:

  1. It requires fewer resources.
  2. It takes less time to launch.
  3. It’s easier to scale.
  4. The finished product is of higher quality.
  5. There’s less upfront risk.

Here’s why that is.

Requires Fewer Resources

White label software requires fewer resources because the software is already built. You don’t need to have a team or outsource labor to get something built. That part is done already.

It Takes Less Time to Launch

Since the software is already complete, you don’t have to wait for developers to build it. You don’t have to spend time testing it either. It’s ready to go.

Easier to Scale

Not only is the software finished, but it’s likely been built with growth in mind. White label software companies hope to grow by having their clients sell to more clients. That can lead to exponential growth, which means white label software companies need to be prepared for that growth.

Also, since you’re not in charge of development, it’s easier to grow that piece of your business without new hires. You’re just adding another revenue stream instead of additional overhead.

Better Quality

Since the software is used by multiple clients and their clients, white label software companies have had time to work out the kinks. There are many more people to notice when something is wrong, so the entire user base is notifying the support team and dev team to fix any bugs that may arise.

Less Risk

White label software carries less risk because you don’t have to make a large investment of time or money upfront. You can try a new line of business, and if it doesn’t work out, you haven’t lost anything but the time you spent trying to sell it.

Seven Types of White Label Solutions

There are many white labeling opportunities. Also be aware that, though we’ll focus on software in this article, there are also white label services that you should consider.

For example, you can white label services such as SEO, content writing, and design. If that’s something you’re interested in, check out platforms like Vendasta. There’s also a company called WP Buffs for white label WordPress site maintenance.

But we’re going to focus on white label software. Specifically, we’ll cover CRMs, marketing automation tools, lead generation tools, website/landing page builders, reporting software, email marketing platforms, and supply- and demand-side platforms (SSPs and DSPs).

White Label CRMs

If you help your clients with lead generation or lead nurturing, they’ll need a CRM. If they already have one, that’s great. But when they don’t, why not recommend a good option that will also increase your profits? HighLevel and ActiveCampaign are two white label software options you can use.

White Label Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation tools enable your clients to nurture and segment leads on autopilot. ActiveCampaign is a good option here as well. Your clients can use it to trigger emails, segment users, score leads, and more.

White Label Lead Generation Tools

There are a lot of different types of lead generation tools. There’s lead capture software, website visitor identification, and lead magnet builders. For lead capture, you can white label Jotform. In the website visitor identification category, we (of course) recommend LeadPost!

LeadPost has the added benefit of an ActiveCampaign integration, so if you decide to white label ActiveCampaign for one or more of the feature sets mentioned in this article, you can combine the two. With LeadPost, you can brand the platform with your logo and brand colors, and then mark up leads and marketing services.

The marketing services include emails triggered and sent through the platform, social media ads, display ads, and direct mail retargeting campaigns.

The more synergy you can create between your white label software solutions the better!

White Label Website Builders

Simvoly is a white label software that your clients can use to build websites, landing pages, and sales funnels. The company is always adding new features, and it offers tons of support videos to help you understand the platform.

Simvoly also works as:

  • an eCommerce store builder,
  • an email marketing platform,
  • an appointment scheduler, and
  • a CRM.

White Label Reporting Software

With DashThis, you can build white label dashboards for your clients. DashThis has over 30 integrations including TikTok Ads, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google My Business, and YouTube. So whatever campaigns you’re running, you can add further value by reporting on them in a white label dashboard.

Email Marketing Platforms

Almost every company uses an email marketing platform at this point, but plenty of them aren’t satisfied with their current solution. If you choose to white label ActiveCampaign or Simvoly for any of the uses mentioned previously, you’ll be happy to know that each can do email marketing as well.

White Label DSPs

A SSP is used to sell programmatic ad inventory, and a DSP is used to buy programmatic ad inventory.

If you already run digital advertising campaigns for your clients, offering your own platform could be a good way to increase revenue. White label DSPs like SmartyAds enable you to mark up media so that you make that profit instead of a thirty-party platform.

Add New Streams of Revenue with White Label Software

By finding great software that companies make available for white labeling, you can quickly launch new lines of business. The initial outlay for each new initiative will be small, so you can easily test different white label software solutions to determine what works best for your company and your clients.