How VSP Boosted its Conversion Rate by 43% with LeadPost

How VSP Boosted its Conversion Rate by 43% with LeadPost


VSP is the largest insurance provider in the USA. It has over 80 million members, almost 40,000 doctors, and it has been in business for over 65 years.

Read on to discover how VSP increased its conversion rate with LeadPost.

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VSP, a nationwide vision insurance provider wanted to test the conversion lift when anonymous website visitors that did not convert on their site were retargeted with a direct mail piece.


VSP decided to use LeadPost to send direct mail campaigns to anonymous website visitors who didn’t convert.


VSP ran a campaign with a 65 percent hold back, or control group, for 30 days. During this test period, LeadPost sent 35 percent of the company’s non-converting website visitors a single 4×6 postcard. Four months after the campaign, VSP analyzed the conversion rate of the 65 percent of visitors who did not receive a postcard versus the 35 percent who did.


The campaign increased VSP’s conversion rate by 43 percent.​

How to Implement This Approach

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