How Traffic Ignite Fuels Growth in Senior Living Communities with LeadPost

How Traffic Ignite Fuels Growth in Senior Living Communities with LeadPost

Traffic Ignite

The top marketing agencies are always searching for innovative solutions to stay ahead. Traffic Ignite has carved a niche for itself in the senior living sector. Its founders are on a mission to disrupt the conventional model of lead aggregation in the senior living sector.

Read on to find out how Traffic Ignite more than doubled the average monthly move-ins for one of their clients.

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Jeff Gronemeyer, co-founder of Traffic Ignite, said that the current model sees communities missing out on leads. There’s a high level of competition at the top of the funnel. Large lead aggregators with big ad budgets make it hard to generate direct leads.

When visitors to a senior community’s website navigate away, they are often captured by these lead aggregators. Then the aggregators sell the leads back to the senior communities.

Jeff saw this as an opportunity to provide a fair playing field for their clients. They envisioned a model that retains potential customers directly. By enabling them to capture and nurture the traffic to their websites they could cut out the middleman and save money.

“We found ourselves in a constant battle against paid lead aggregators,” Jeff said. “The model was unsustainable and unfair to our clients who were losing their leads to these aggregators only to buy them back at a high premium.”


The objective was clear: disrupt the current model. How? By capturing more leads from their website traffic before they bounced.

To bring his vision to fruition, Jeff needed a robust solution.

He needed a platform that integrated with Traffic Ignite’s existing strategies. Jeff evaluated multiple website visitor identification tools in his quest for the perfect fit.

After a meticulous search and evaluation of various vendors, Traffic Ignite found LeadPost. The decisive factor was LeadPost’s low barrier to entry.

Jeff said, “The alternatives we considered had a more complex setup or higher upfront costs, which could deter our clients. LeadPost stood out as a user-friendly and cost-effective solution that aligned with our mission.”


Traffic Ignite’s service offerings were now supercharged with website visitor identification. The integration of LeadPost into Traffic Ignite’s strategies was smooth and intuitive.

First, LeadPost captured a lead. Then, Traffic Ignite went to work. They employed a combination of email and SMS marketing to engage with leads. This direct engagement model allowed for more personalized and timely interactions.

They were able to develop a holistic strategy. It captured leads and nurtured them through a well-orchestrated marketing funnel. This ensured that the leads were well-informed and ready to take the next step.

“LeadPost stood out as a user-friendly and cost-effective solution that aligned with our mission.”


The collaboration between Traffic Ignite and LeadPost proved to be a game-changer. The most compelling evidence of success came from a case with particularly high stakes. A client was faced with losing their management contract for a portfolio of properties due to underperformance. Traffic Ignite, armed with LeadPost’s capabilities, swung into action.

They were able to significantly increase the occupancy rates for the underperforming assets. This turnaround brought the property back on budget. It also saved the client’s management contract.

In the first month, Traffic Ignite:

    • increased the client’s website visitor to marketing lead conversion rate from around 2.5% to over 40%

    • brought in over 900 marketing qualified leads

    • increased monthly move-in averages from three per month to eight per month

“The results speak for themselves,” Jeff said. “Our clients are now capturing and engaging leads directly, which has led to significant growth in lead generation and a tangible increase in conversion rates.”

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Traffic Ignite’s success underlines the potential for agencies and technology providers to collaborate. Together we can innovate and deliver real value to clients.

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