How Ryan Homes Sold Five Homes with LeadPost

How Ryan Homes Sold Five Homes with LeadPost

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Ryan Homes has built thousands of homes across the United States since 1948. It’s one of the top home builders in the country, and its continuing to grow.

Read on to find out how Ryan Homes increased its growth with LeadPost.

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Ryan Homes, a national homebuilder, had a sales cycle between 90 to 120 days. During that period, the company wanted to create brand trust and reiterate the value of their communities and the quality of their homes to increase sales.


Ryan Homes decided to use LeadPost for three of their new nationwide communities. The campaign focused on retargeting anonymous visitors who abandoned the site with direct mail.



For each community, the company created a 6-week drip of 6×9 postcards. These postcards were delivered to anonymous website visitors, with each drip message in the sequence containing a different message and promotion.


120 days after their drip campaigns were complete, Ryan Homes analyzed the data to determine whether the recipients of the campaigns ultimately purchased homes in the targeted communities.

It found that during the 90-day period, a total of 838 unique anonymous website visitors received the 6-week direct mail drip sequence. Of those users, LeadPost had direct attribution on the direct mail sent for 5 exact home sales.

How to Implement This Approach

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