How Game Changer Leads Improves Marketing ROI for Insurance Companies with LeadPost

How Game Changer Leads Improves Marketing ROI for Insurance Companies

Zach Rucker is the founder of Game Changer Leads. The agency offers SEO services for brick-and-mortar insurance agencies. Game Changer Leads is distinguished by its founder’s dual expertise in insurance and marketing. It offers a unique blend of SEO services and marketing strategies tailored to insurance agencies.

Zach’s dual background in insurance and marketing enables a deeper understanding of the industry’s nuances. Game Changer Leads not only drives relevant traffic through targeted SEO but also leverages LeadPost to convert this traffic into tangible business outcomes for their clients.

Read on to find out how Game Changer Leads uses website visitor identification to maximize the results it achieves for its clients.

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The challenge for these insurance agencies is that they don’t typically get much website traffic.

It tends to be a high volume of low-income transactions, and it’s very transactional.

“You can’t necessarily charge a whole lot for SEO services in that space, because if you start talking three, four, $5,000 a month if they’re only getting five or 10 calls a month.”


Zach’s team determined that they could solve this challenge by enhancing the value of their clients’ limited website traffic. Since these agencies typically experience low traffic volumes, LeadPost is pivotal. It identifies their anonymous website visitors, transforming more of their traffic into actionable leads.

This increases the value of their clients’ traffic, allowing the agencies to realize greater value from the traffic Game Changer Leads’ SEO work generates.


Implementing LeadPost in Game Changer Leads was a straightforward process. Zach adds LeadPost’s technology into client websites by installing a simple script via Google Tag Manager.

This approach allows Game Changer Leads to identify a significant portion of their web traffic and initiate targeted email marketing campaigns, leading to successful conversions.

“Now we can identify website visitors, put them in a drip campaign, and show value to our client.”



Within the first 30 days of using LeadPost, Game Changer Leads saw remarkable success:

  • Identification of more website traffic for a client, leading to targeted email marketing campaigns.
  • Conversion of two policies from their first email drip campaign, effectively covering the client’s SEO service costs for the month.
  • Increased efficiency in visitor identification and conversions in subsequent client implementations.
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