7 Affordable Email Marketing Ideas to Boost Your B2C Business

Are you looking for ways to take your B2C email marketing strategy to the next level? We’ve got you covered! This article covers seven email marketing ideas to help you improve your email engagement and email acquisition approach.

Why Email Marketing is Critical for B2C Businesses

As with any marketing strategy, there are pros and cons to email marketing. But the success of most B2C businesses depends mainly on reaching a broad audience with personalized communications at scale.

That’s because B2C sales require marketers to convince a large number of people to become customers, whereas B2B businesses typically focus on making bigger sales to fewer people.

That’s why email is a critical component of a good B2C marketing strategy. Email marketing provides a simple way for B2C companies to deliver personalized messaging to a wide variety of customers at scale.

Now, here are seven B2C email marketing tips to help you do that.

Email Acquisition Ideas

There are ways to get free leads, lead capture form best practices to follow, and great email list building tools. But what if you’ve already covered the basics?

If your list is growing, but you want to accelerate that growth, we’ve got some suggestions.

Here are three email marketing ideas to help you get more out of your B2C lead generation efforts.

Milestone Referral Program

Referral programs aren’t just for winning new business. Many companies use them to grow their email lists. Companies like Harry’s, the Hustle, and TheSkimm have used milestone referral programs to build massive email lists.

These programs offer swag and other prizes as subscribers refer other subscribers. For example, they might get a t-shirt once they’ve referred ten people, a mug after referring 50 people, etc.

Lead Form Ads

How are your landing pages? If they stink, there are many good landing page optimization tools you can use to fix them.

But if you don’t have the time, more and more ad platforms are adding lead form ads (e.g., LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook). Even if your landing pages are great, these ads can help you generate more leads because they don’t require the prospect to stop what they’re doing to convert.

Email Retargeting

Email retargeting works like retargeting ads. A retargeting ad campaign typically works by delivering ads to people who visit your website without converting. That’s helpful because if they didn’t convert, you probably don’t have their email yet.

Email retargeting is the same thing but through email. Instead of (or in addition to) delivering an ad to the visitor, you’ll deliver an email. It’s especially powerful because it works even if you don’t have the person’s email address.

Website Visitor Identification

Want to know who’s visiting your website? You can find out with website visitor identification. For $0.24 a visitor, visitor identification will send the name, email address, and mailing address of up to 40 percent of your traffic that doesn’t convert.

That’s a lot cheaper than buying an email list, and the emails you get this way will be more receptive to your emails. That’s because:

  1. They are more likely to be in-market for your product or service—that’s why they visited your website, right?
  2. They’re familiar with your brand.

Email Engagement Ideas

Hopefully, you already know how to write a marketing email. Still, if you’re doing everything else right, but your email engagement metrics aren’t where you want them to be, here are a few email marketing ideas that might help.


There are two ways to gamify your email marketing campaigns. The first is to actually include games in your emails, and the second is to gamify actions that you want people to take. This gamification could take the form of a loyalty program, or you could just award points when people take desired actions.

For example, you could award points for opening emails, forwarding emails, and replying to emails.


Personalization is a crucial aspect of email marketing. For example, almost half of eCommerce shoppers say they’ll consider a different brand if a company doesn’t get eCommerce personalization right.

Fortunately, audience segmentation tools simplify splitting your audience through demographic segmentation and other attribute-based approaches. Then you can send people relevant information and offers based on who they are, their needs, and their interests.


You can use quizzes to increase engagement with your emails in two ways. The first (and easiest) is to ask a question at the beginning of the email and let them know the answer is at the bottom. That way, they’re more likely to scroll through the entire email.

The second option is to add an interactive quiz inside the email. You can use a tool for that or turn the answers into links. If you use a tool, it will take care of everything for you. If you use links, you’ll have to create pages for the right and wrong answers.

Take These Email Marketing Ideas and Run with Them

Now you’ve got seven new email marketing ideas to kick things up a notch. And to help you get started, we’ll give you 100 free leads when you sign up for LeadPost today. Our data will help you build your email list, increase engagement, and better understand your customers so you can send highly personalized, CAN-SPAM compliant emails.