Data Capture & Delivery: Pricing

Data Capture & Delivery Pricing


• $0.24/captured lead
• Unlimited filters and suppressions
• Optional appends start at $0.03/append

One-Click Integrations


• Unlimited automated data
feeds to your marketing platform(s)
at no additional cost

No monthly service fees or minimums. Start & stop at any time.

What's Included?

Self Service Platform

Full control over campaign filtering, budgeting, data delivery and the ability to pause & resume at any time.

Unlimited Use

Captured leads may be used on an unlimited basis across multiple marketing channels, including display, social, direct mail and email.


Real time reporting on data delivery and spend.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated, US-based support team is here to assist you with pixel placement, filters, data delivery and more.

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Get 100 Free Leads on Us