How Creative Marketing Plus Made Its Client $270,000 in Sales From a $4,000 Investment

creative marketing plus

Creative Marketing Plus is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in helping wedding venues and other event spaces generate leads and book more events. The company has been in business for over 40 years.

Rich Harrow, President & CEO of Creative Marketing Plus, shared his success story with us.

Read on to find out how Creative Marketing Plus achieved a 6650% ROI.


Like many businesses, Creative Marketing Plus was looking for ways to capture more leads for their clients. In particular, Rich wanted to drive more revenue from his clients’ existing website traffic.

Rich knew that many visitors were interested in their services but were not filling out contact forms or taking other actions to become leads. So he wanted to find a way to identify these visitors and follow up with them to increase conversions.


Creative Marketing Plus decided to try LeadPost, a website visitor identification software that captures the contact information of anonymous website visitors. By adding a simple line of code to one of his client’s websites, Rich was able to identify anonymous visitors to their website and turn them into leads.

Once the leads were captured, Creative Marketing Plus used LeadPost’s built-in retargeting platform to follow up with them via email. They sent each lead a series of six emails over two weeks, providing more information about their client’s services and encouraging them to take action.


Over a period of time, Creative Marketing Plus collected 8,433 leads for their client using LeadPost. Of those leads, 163 (2%) came back to the website for more information after receiving the email series. This was a significant increase in engagement compared to their previous efforts.

Based on their typical closing rate of 11%, Rich estimates that they booked 18 of these leads, resulting in approximately $270,000 in sales from a $4,000 investment in LeadPost.

In addition to email follow-up, Creative Marketing Plus also used LeadPost’s phone append feature to obtain phone numbers for about 40% of the leads at a cost of 5 cents each. Their sales team then called these leads, mentioning that they saw they had visited the website and encouraging them to have a conversation about their needs.

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