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Embrace the New Era of Cookieless Retargeting

The digital marketing landscape is on the brink of a significant shift as Google announces its plan to phase out third-party cookies on Chrome after mid-2024. This impending change has sparked intense discussions and concerns among marketers and businesses, highlighting the need for a new approach to visitor identification.

With LeadPost, you can continue retargeting your customers without third-party cookies.

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Third-party cookies have long been a cornerstone of tracking technology, allowing advertisers to monitor online activities for personalized advertising. But with Google’s decision to eliminate these cookies, there’s a pressing need to adapt and innovate.

We’ve been preparing for years, and so we’re ready to to ensure your marketing efforts don’t miss a beat.

Replacing Retargeting Cookies

Recognizing the inevitability of this shift, we began integrating probabilistic matching into our platform. This sophisticated identity resolution technique uses statistical algorithms to accurately identify website visitors without relying on third-party cookies.

We now boast multiple rigorously vetted partners, so we can continue delivering high-quality data and insights to our users.

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Adapt for the Future

The end of third-party cookies is not just a challenge, but an opportunity for innovation. LeadPost has been ahead of the curve, dedicating time to test and optimize our cookieless solutions. We’re confident in our preparedness for this new era of digital marketing, ensuring that our customers continue to enjoy the high level of service they expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does LeadPost cost?

With LeadPost’s pay-as-you-go plan, you only pay $0.24 a record. There’s no contracts and no minimums. You can collect more information (e.g., automotive data, marital status, etc.) for an additional fee. And you can upload a list of your existing customers so you don’t pay for records you already have.

How does LeadPost retarget anonymous web site visitors?

We use deterministic (cookie-based identification) and probabilistic data providers (IP and fingerprint technologies) to match your website visitors. Based on the identification signals of anonymous web site visitors, this site visit data is then converted to verified name, mailing address and email, leveraging additional data partners and verification providers.

What data do I get?

You can set your campaign to always receive the name, mailing address and email address of identified web site visitors, or you can prioritize email or name and mailing address. More information can be captured for an additional fee.

Is the data verified?

Yes. Name and address data is verified using 3rd party services to confirm that the address is deliverable and the individual lives at that address. Where the email address is available, the email address is also verified as deliverable.

Is my data shared with other parties?

No. Under no circumstances will your site visitor information be shared with anyone else. The site visit data collected is for your exclusive use.

What Our Customers Say

“This technology combined with a compelling offer significantly boosted our overall conversion rate as compared to past campaigns without LeadPost.”

Jason. C, General Manager
Health, Wellness, and Fitness Company

“I love that this software allows even small businesses with low marketing budgets to enjoy the benefits of remarketing to site visitors who do not convert on the first visit.”

Amanda T., CEO
Marketing and Advertising Company

“What’s amazing is the ability to accurately provide leads that visit your website without no friction.”

David J., CEO
E-Learning Company