Website Visitor Identification

How Will the Death of 3rd-Party Cookies Impact Visitor Identification?

It looks like Google is (finally) ready to get rid of third-party cookies on Chrome. Supposedly, the move will happen sometime after mid-2024. But the news sparked conversations and concerns among marketers and businesses. Of course, the same thing happened … Read More

website visitor identification compliance

Is Website Visitor Identification Legal? How to Stay Compliant

Website visitor identification provides businesses with invaluable data on their website traffic. Marketers can use this data to understand their audiences and personalize their campaigns. This is critical because customers value personalization more than ever. But it’s essential to understand … Read More

website visitor identification personalization

How to Personalize Your Marketing Campaigns with Visitor Identification

Website visitor identification software enables businesses to turn anonymous website visitors into leads. It’s a powerful tool, and many users aren’t taking full advantage of it. One of its biggest benefits is that it facilitates better marketing personalization. Here’s how … Read More

website visitor identification benefits

Discover the Top 5 Benefits of Website Visitor Identification Software

Website visitor identification software is an innovative tool. It identifies your anonymous website visitors – even if they don’t convert. That way you can tap into the majority of your website traffic that would otherwise remain out of reach. In … Read More