Four B2C Email Marketing Tips

B2C Email Marketing Tips

If your email campaigns are falling flat, don’t worry. We’ve all been there! That’s why we created this list of four B2C email marketing tips to help you increase the metrics that matter.

1.   Segment Your List According to the Buying Process

Every email marketer knows the importance of list segmentation. Demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral data should all factor into your audience segmentation.

Using behavioral data can be especially useful in determining a subscriber’s progress through the stages of the buying process. For example, if a subscriber has put something in their cart without purchasing it, they’re likely at the bottom of the funnel. So they should receive emails that are relevant to the decision-making process that happens at the bottom of the funnel.

On the other hand, if a subscriber visits your website without doing much of anything, they’re probably early on in the process, so they should receive email campaigns focused on demand generation.

2.   Take Personalization to the Next Level

Personalized emails are more likely to convert than generic email blasts. There’s a reason personalization software is such a booming business.


But good personalization goes further than just tossing in the subscriber’s first name. Work to collect the data you need to implement next-level personalization.

For example, you might offer a discount to subscribers who take a survey or use a website visitor identification platform to build your email list while enriching your CRM data with information like:

  • age range
  • automotive data
  • education level
  • gender
  • homeowner status
  • household income range
  • length of residence range
  • net worth range
  • marital status
  • phone number
  • presence of children

By implementing this recommendation along with our first B2C email marketing tip, you can send highly personalized emails that speak to your customers’ specific wants and needs.

3.   Leverage The Power Of Automation

If our first two tips seem like a lot of work, then this tip is for you. You don’t have to set up these personalized email campaigns and collect all this data manually. Whatever your budget, there is a range of email marketing tools that allow you to put list segmentation, email personalization, and a whole lot more on autopilot.

4.   Don’t Miss Out On Visitors That Don’t Convert

It’s a simple fact that not every visitor that lands on your website will give you their email address, no matter what you do to entice them. That’s not much of an email marketing tip but bear with us.

While you can’t get everyone to fill out a form on your site, you can give your email acquisition efforts a big boost with website visitor identification.

Website visitor identification allows you to collect the contact information of website visitors who don’t convert. Not only that, but you can also gather details like those mentioned in B2C email marketing tip #2 (age range, automotive data, education level, gender, homeowner status, household income range, length of residence range, net worth range, marital status, phone number, and presence of children) without making your visitors fill out a single form field.

You’ll probably have more data on these leads than you do on your actual customers. After that, it’s a simple matter of implementing the other B2C email marketing tips on this list.

By using this data to fill in the blanks, you’ll be able to create a more seamless, personalized experience that will move your customers through the buying process at speed.

B2C Email Marketing Tip #5

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