How Aspen Digital Maximizes Marketing ROI for Clients with LeadPost

How Aspen Digital Maximizes Marketing ROI for Clients with LeadPost

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Aspen Digital is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in a range of digital marketing services. They primarily operate as a white label agency, offering services like web development, paid advertising, cold email campaigns, and lead nurturing.

The agency emphasizes a data-driven, omni-channel approach, focusing on conversion over vanity metrics. This strategy has enabled them to manage over 300 accounts across various industries with a diverse, multilingual team grounded in a scientific approach to marketing.

Read on to find out how Aspen Digital is more than doubling ROI for its clients with LeadPost.

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Aspen Digital COO Aaron Martes said the agency wanted to drive higher ROI for clients by increasing the percentage of their website traffic that they could market to. Aaron knew this would require an effective website visitor identification tool.

After a free trial, he and his team decided to go with LeadPost.


Aaron said he received exceptional support from LeadPost, which was instrumental in the successful implementation of the tool.

This support included comprehensive guidance on how to best utilize LeadPost’s features for their specific needs, enabling them to maximize the tool’s potential in their marketing strategies. The support provided was a key factor in their ability to achieve significant results.


“We like to go with a value-driven approach. So we try and offer them more information that is intriguing,” Aaron said. “We create personalized content based on the page or the specific funnel that the visitor viewed at and it pushes them to opt in.”

“The support team always provides really good answers and clarification.”


One notable example involved a client with a $12,000 coaching program. Aspen Digital crafted nurturing sequences and invested $500 in LeadPost to generate more leads they could add to that sequence. The campaign resulted in the client closing sales for their $12,000 and $9,000 coaching programs, delivering a significant return on investment.

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