How &well Improves Marketing ROI for Healthcare Providers with LeadPost

How &well Improves Marketing ROI for Healthcare Providers

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&well is a marketing agency specializing in healthcare and education sectors, focusing on making a positive impact on communities. They offer comprehensive services, from creative content creation to media planning and execution.

Read on to find out how &well developed an effective, budget-friendly solution for retargeting website visitors through direct mail.

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Jocelyn Smith, a media supervisor at &well, faced the challenge of effectively retargeting visitors to her clients’ websites. She sought a tool that could complement her digital strategies with direct mail without making too big of a dent in her clients’ budgets.

“Sometimes the client dollars don’t match a full direct mail or an EDDM piece to try to appropriately put dollars towards it and they just don’t have that budget,” Jocelyn said.


Integrating LeadPost into &well’s workflow was a strategic move that effectively bridged the gap between digital and direct mail marketing. Jocelyn chose LeadPost for its flexibility and competitive pricing. 

“[Other companies] had high minimums or lower match rates,” she said.

The ease of integration was another key factor, with LeadPost’s intuitive design and exceptional customer support making the transition a simple process. 

Jocelyn was most impressed by LeadPost’s ability to provide the names, emails, and mailing addresses of their website visitors. This capability complemented their existing digital strategies.


&well ran a campaign for a Houston-area hospital system to promote the hospital’s revamped image in the Houston area.

Jocelyn used LeadPost to retarget visitors to a specific, campaign-focused landing page. This page was distinct from the hospital’s main website, targeting a different audience than the typical visitors seeking immediate healthcare services.

The purpose of this landing page was to highlight the hospital’s position as a leading healthcare provider. The campaign aimed to reinforce their message of being a top choice for healthcare, conveniently located for potential patients.

The strategy involved monitoring the traffic to this dedicated landing page and subsequently sending a mailer to these visitors.

The approach was designed to create a lasting impression, ensuring the hospital system remained at the forefront of potential patients’ minds.

“There’s not a whole lot of buttons to click on the platform, which is good, I just need it to do what I need it to do.”


The implementation of LeadPost yielded impressive results for &well.

The campaign delivered 167 mailers within a month. The campaign was conducted on a limited budget and demonstrated the platform’s effectiveness.

The success of this initial campaign not only led to high client satisfaction but also secured a request for a second campaign using a similar strategy.

Based on these positive outcomes, &well is now planning to incorporate LeadPost into the marketing strategies of other clients, recognizing the platform’s efficiency and the valuable data insights it offers. This marks a significant step forward in their marketing capabilities, opening new avenues for targeted and impactful campaigns.

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