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Increase conversions and recover abandoned carts by sending emails and postcards to online shoppers who don’t convert.

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Generate Leads Automatically
Recover More Abandoned Carts

When a shopper abandons their cart, you can automatically trigger an email that reminds them to complete their purchase. You can even include the items in the email and offer an incentive to get shoppers to buy.

Maximize Return on Ad Spend

Increase the ROI of your digital advertising campaigns by following up with email and direct mail when you pay for clicks that don’t convert. Based on each shopper’s website behavior, you can trigger direct mail, email, social media and display campaigns.

These campaigns can include links and images for the specific product pages each shopper viewed or the items in their carts.

Increase ROAS
LeadPost vs. Leadfeeder
Increase Revenue with Personalized Campaigns

Personalization is critical in eCommerce, but it can be difficult to get the data you need to develop useful customer segments. 

With LeadPost, you can reduce friction and generate more leads by automatically enriching your records with demographic data on your website visitors and customers. You can segment customers by marital status, presence of children, automotive data, and more.

Get More ROI from SEO

Generate more revenue from organic search by converting that traffic into leads you can contact by email, direct mail, and more.

Get More ROI From SEO
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does LeadPost cost?

With LeadPost’s pay-as-you-go plan, you only pay $0.24 a record. There’s no contracts and no minimums. You can collect more information (e.g., automotive data, marital status, etc.) for an additional fee. And you can upload a list of your existing customers so you don’t pay for records you already have.

How does LeadPost identify anonymous web site visitors?

We use deterministic (cookie-based identification) probabilistic data providers (IP and fingerprint technologies) to match your website visitors. Based on the identification signals of anonymous web site visitors, this site visit data is then converted to verified name, mailing address and email, leveraging additional data partners and verification providers.

What data do I get?

You can set your campaign to always receive the name, mailing address and email address of identified web site visitors, or you can prioritize email or name and mailing address. More information can be captured for an additional fee.

Is the data verified?

Yes. Name and address data is verified using 3rd party services to confirm that the address is deliverable and the individual lives at that address. Where the email address is available, the email address is also verified as deliverable.

Is my data shared with other parties?

No. Under no circumstances will your site visitor information be shared with anyone else. The site visit data collected is for your exclusive use.

How do privacy laws apply?

Since LeadPost only operates in the US, international privacy laws such as GDPR and CASL do not apply.  From a US perspective, states are beginning to enact state-level privacy laws, such as California’s CCPA. But these restrictions have been centered around notification of data collection and usage and the ability for users to opt out and/or purge data collected. 

Because no personally identifiable information (PII) is being passed, use of the service does not require any additional steps to be taken outside of the ones that you likely already have in place to comply with these laws.

However, your privacy policies should be reviewed to ensure proper disclosure of the use of third-party data collection services as outlined in Section 1.3 of our Terms of Service.

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What Our Customers Say

“This technology combined with a compelling offer significantly boosted our overall conversion rate as compared to past campaigns without LeadPost.”

Jason. C, General Manager
Health, Wellness, and Fitness Company

“I love that this software allows even small businesses with low marketing budgets to enjoy the benefits of remarketing to site visitors who do not convert on the first visit.”

Amanda T., CEO
Marketing and Advertising Company

“What’s amazing is the ability to accurately provide leads that visit your website without no friction.”

David J., CEO
E-Learning Company